Cool Focus

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This is an optional accessory that doubles the cooling effect of your Close Comfort air conditioner.  Cool Focus fits all models – PC8, PC9 and PC9+plus.


  • With PC8, feel cool up to 8 feet away with Cool Focus
  • With PC9, feel cool up to 10 feet away with Cool Focus
  • With PC9+plus, feel cool up to 12 feet away with Cool Focus
  • Magical Coanda deflector lifts the cool air flow so you can stand nearby and feel cool without having to place your Close Comfort on a table.
  • No extra noise
  • No extra power consumption
  • Easy to install on Close Comfort
  • 24 months warranty.
Cool Focus is a magical piece of technology that amplifies the cool air throw distance with no extra power consumption and no extra noise.  Feel cool up to 12 feet away with the powerful PC9+plus model, up to 8 feet away with the basic PC8 model air conditioner.  The deflector makes use of the Coanda effect to bend the jet of cool air up so you can use Close Comfort in a standing position with the AC on the floor.  So convenient.